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Last Great Day

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Key Verse: Revelation 20:5
But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished...

Question: What does the key verse mean to you?


Why have countless millions died without ever having had an opportunity to understand the purpose of life and to be saved? Even today the vast majority of people have not heard Christ's true Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God. And of those who have heard it, most have not understood that message -- because Satan has deceived them. Think of it: even they have not really had an opportunity to understand or to be saved! Are they all, through no fault of their own, "lost" forever, condemned to the lake of fire? Absolutely not! Shocking as it may sound, God does not intend for everyone to understand His truth at this time! If He wanted everyone to understand at this time, everyone would understand!

God, in that sense, is responsible for having allowed the vast majority of humanity to be blinded by Satan to His truth. It is God's purpose and plan that, until Christ returns, only those He specially calls (John 6:44, 65) will understand.

God is a perfect combination of love and justice, but what of the millions of people for whom Christ died, yet who, through no fault of their own, did not know of God's provision to offer them salvation at a later time? How will they learn of salvation?

The answer is revealed in the final step in God's Master Plan-pictured by the seventh and final Holy Day. After Christ returns and establishes the Kingdom of God on earth, He will then begin to teach the way of salvation to millions. As we learned in our last lesson, all those born during the Millennium will have their opportunity to understand God's truth and be born into His Family during the Millennium.

But what about the thousands of millions who have already died without ever hearing or understanding the way of salvation? After the Millennium, they will be resurrected to mortal life and given their opportunity to understand God's truth, to be begotten by God's Spirit, to grow in His character, and to become spirit-composed members of His ruling Family. God is not a respecter of persons. Everyone will ultimately be given an opportunity to receive salvation! God is absolutely fair!

Just as the week is not complete without the seventh-day Sabbath, God's Master Plan is not complete without His seventh and final annual festival -- the Last or Final Great Day.

The number seven in the Bible indicates completion and perfection. This seventh festival of God reveals the perfection of God's great Master Plan -- that God's love and mercy toward mankind will extend beyond the Millennium.



  1. Does God eventually want to call and save everyone?
    (2 Peter 3:9)

  2. Will everyone be saved at the same time, or is there a definite time-order or sequence?
    (1 Corinthians 15:22-24)

  3. What about the rest of the dead, those who never had a chance for salvation in this life?
    (Revelation 20:5-6)

  4. In the first resurrection people will be raised from the dead and given immortality, a new body composed of spirit not flesh and blood. What kind of body will those who come up in the second resurrection be given?
    (Ezekiel 37: 8, 11, 13-14)

  5. Does God ever blind the heart and mind of mankind?
    (Romans 11:7-8)

  6. What did Jesus say about the hard heart and mind of man?
    (Matthew 13:10-14)

  7. Why did Jesus speak in parables?
    (Matthew 13:15)

  8. How does God deal with people who want to believe a lie?
    (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12)

  9. What is Godís objective for blinding the heart and mind?
    (Romans 11:32)

  10. Explain in your own words the purpose for the second resurrection.

  11. The second resurrection reveals a very important characteristic of God, what is it?

For a more in depth study of this annual Holy Day see Lesson 7 of the Holy Day Series.

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