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What Do The Dead Know Pamplet, on the State of The Dead
Inmortaility Inmortaility of the soul
Why you need the Spirit of God Why we need the Spirit of God. What effect does it have on our resurrection?
The sign of God Introduction to the Christian Holidays
Passover The beginning of God's master plan
(Holy Day #1)
Feast of Unleavened Bread The sacrifice of Jesus Christ
(Holy Day #2)
Pentecost New Testament Church Began
(Holy Day #3)
Feast of Trumpets Feast of Trumpets
(Holy Day #4)
Day of Atonement Atonement of Sin / Satan's Removal
(Holy Day #5)
Feast of Tabernacles The Millennial Reign of Christ
(Holy Day #6)
Last Great Day God's Master Plan Completed
(Holy Day #7)
Whats on your plate An interesting document on pork and the possible effects on people site icon to be here
7 Conditions To Answered Prayer Is prayer only a religious "peace of mind" pill to make one FEEL BETTER? Not at all! ... site icon to be here
Biblical Debt and Financial Success A biblical perspective on debt and financial success site icon to be here
How to Identify a False Religion Ever wonder if a "religion" was false? The brochure will help determine if it is a false or real religion. site icon to be here
The Experience of Repentance The Eternal Creator PROVIDED for the kind of happy and abundant life we all want and seek yet only very few ever experience it! What is the reason so few have found the way of life which leads to happiness and success? site icon to be here
The Coming Utopia Why has mans effort failed. Man has tried to create a utopian paradise. He has tried many government types including no government. All have failed, why? site icon to be here
The Truth About Christmas The Truth About Christmas including Jesus birth the untold story, So you are not keeping Christmas and Questions and Answers on the subject. site icon to be here
Why so few understand the Bible Ever wondered why explaining Biblical facts can sometimes be so difficult. site icon to be here
Why I Don't Observe Christmas Interesting scriptural information on keeping Christmas site icon to be here
Why I don't observe Sunday Interesting scriptural information on keeping Saturday vs. Sunday site icon to be here

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